The C-Lab 2020 Kickoff

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The C-Lab 2020 Kickoff

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The C-Lab 2020 Kickoff

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On January 30th, 2020, Learning Economy hosted the C-Lab Kickoff in Denver, Colorado.

Over 120 stakeholders attended a day of workshops, presentations, and panel discussions for the official launch of the C-Lab, an initiative intended to provide the whole state of Colorado with a unified but decentralized ecosystem for collaborative innovation, investigation, and experimentation around the future of education and employment.

In partnership with the Colorado Department of Higher Education (CDHE) and History Colorado, and sponsored by Odigia, Whiteboard Advisors, and ETH Denver, the C-Lab Kickoff marked the beginning of efforts to catalyze and harmonize a multi-system, multi-agent state ecosystem with a shared interest in pioneering revolutionary public-good infrastructures. Attendees spanned higher education, K-12, government, non-profits, students, and more.

The shared objectives for the kickoff were to:

1. Establish a shared understanding of the state agency and council work,

current state initiatives, and history regarding blockchain exploration in Colorado.

2. Establish a shared understanding of the national education perspective,

outlook, and opportunities regarding emerging technology.

3. Build a shared understanding of the C-Lab goals, protocol, timeline, and

intended 1 and 3-year outcomes.

4. Build coalitions and come to consensus regarding workgroups, pilots, and

research for 2020 and beyond.

Spencer Ellis of CDHE opening the day's events

The Kickoff included an inspirational welcome from CDHE director, Dr. Angie Paccione, and included the following expert panels:

In a survey provided to stakeholders and attendees of the event, one attendee said:

“It's wonderful to see the imperfectly swirling notions I've been trying to formalize reified into a couple of slides.”

These are exciting sentiments which we hope to build on in the coming months.

Stakeholders can still register to participate in any of the proposed workgroups (Digital Credentialing, Trust Infrastructure, User/Learner Experiences, Credential Distribution, Outreach & Awareness, Investigation & Analysis, Equity & Inclusion, Fundraising); all in support of an initial pilot exploring Digital Wallets and Portable Degrees.

If interested, check out the C-Lab Kickoff Summary Report and/or Get Registered as a C-Lab stakeholder.

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