Davos 2020: The Internet of Education

Written by
Duncan Cox

Davos 2020: The Internet of Education

Written by
Duncan Cox

Davos 2020: The Internet of Education

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Written by
Duncan Cox

This January, the Learning Economy Foundation team headed to the mountains of Davos during the World Economic Forum Annual meetings.

Alongside champions, allies, and advisors, we visited with world leaders in education, policy, technology, finance and more. We saw the launch of the World in 2050 Olympics of Innovation, the release of 2020 Global Talent Competitive Index, and spent time in the Female Quotient Equality Lounge.

To sum up our week, on January 24th we hosted the Internet of Education High-Level Roundtable, where we formally announced the Internet of Education.

We were joined by representatives from organizations across the world, including:

  • Salzburg Global Seminar
  • GlobalMindED
  • Cisco
  • CERN
  • The Adecco Group
  • PWC
  • ScienceAtHome
  • The White House
  • ABB

We were also joined by U.S. Assistant Secretary for Employment and Training John Pallasch, and ETH Zurich President Dr. Joël Mesot. Over the course of the morning, we had high-level presentations and discussions surrounding the Internet of Education.

The Internet of Education

The Internet of Education (IoE) is a global ecosystem of trust that enables networks of personalized and effective learning.

It allows for verifiable skills, credentials, and degrees to transfer directly from learners to institutions and employers.

Like the Internet, the IoE must be a public good, where anyone, anywhere, regardless of their life circumstances, has equal access to quality education and work.  This is the only way to ensure that learners and employees' best interests are protected and sustained well into the 22nd Century, and that ubiquitous access to quality education and employment scales proportionally as learning becomes cheaper and more openly distributed.  

Since the launch of the Internet of Education, Learning Economy Foundation has been featured by BBC, become a not-for-profit, and convened a gathering of stakeholders from across the state of Colorado.

We hope that you’ll join us in standing up this public good infrastructure for the betterment of all learning. If you’d like to get involved, register as a stakeholder here.

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